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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

In the past, maybe!

I have to say that the new Glamorgan Birds website really has something going for it.
 Whilst I clicked on the Arctic Tern photo the adverts beneath came up...And our blog is Adult content!!  work that one out!


Jeff said...

Wouldn't pic 6 out of the sequence of 22 have been more suitable for a birding blog ??
Doh !! I've given the game away that I perved the full set !!

Steve Hinton said...

I couldn`t look Jeff!

Slaphead said...

and if you click on the 'Scary skinny stars' the language in the threads is far from suitable for teeny tots.

It will have to be back to the drawing board for the numpties.

Slaphead said...

ho ho the camel toe.

Alex said...

I was extremely distressed to be confronted by this sight when clicking on the fore mentionned link. Some what shocking indeed

Seymour said...

I just had a funny tern!

Mitch said...

Nice boots!

Slaphead said...

Bugger, the Snipe is on the case to remove the porn from the other channel,what a shame,it was the most interesting thing on there.