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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Remembering the Murrelet

Thoughts below regarding the events of that momentous year had me digging for the 'victory'
photo taken on Lundy with one of the two hired planes behind us.
The photo was taken by Hugh Harrop - destined to become ..well Hugh Harrop!!
The Pilots - one owned the flying school planes and was an Architect working on the same project as me and the other a holidaying Arruba Airways 737 pilot.
In the pic are Peter Lansdown, pilot, Me, Jake, Dave Palmer, pilot and Stefan G. posing with his tripod.
Happy Days!!!!


Richard G. Smith said...

I just checked - I had 13 ticks in 1990.
Naumann's Thrush
Sardinian Warbler
Great spotted Cuckoo
Black headed Bunting
Ancient Murrelet
Alpine Accentor
Tree Swallow
Yellow throated Vireo
Upland Sandpiper
Red throated Pipit
Isabelline Wheatear
Grey cheeked Thrush
Black Kite
Twitching will never be like that again!!!!!

Meehan said...

It looks like Dave is in the early stages of thinking about sheep...

Did you draw straws for the lifejackets? I see Magnum PI naturally bagged one!

Was this the late seventies BTW?

Richard G. Smith said...

HaHa! No the Arruba Pilot insisted that we wear life jackets for when (not if)we made a liquid landing.
We also went through the drill on how to get out in strict order along the wing. It was a hairy flight all round!