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Monday, 23 September 2013

WWt Llanelli yesterday

Couple of "record" shots of the Lesser Yellowlegs and one remaining Grey Phalarope taken yesterday.
What they really need there though is a photographers' hide in the middle of the scrape with an underground tunnel entry.


Steve Hinton said...

And free entry! Bit pricey for what it is!

Jeff said...

You're not wrong there Steve,I think it's now £8.70 for an adult and something like £24.00 for a family of four,not cheap to say the least.

Mitch said...

Haven't been there for a while but do seem to remember it not being too togger friendly,everything is too distant! You did well to get those shots Jeff.

Jeff said...

Have to agree Rob,it's not very togger friendly,everything is generally too far away,it does though pull in some good rarities from time to time.

MauriceC said...

If you join WWT you can go into Penclacwydd and Slimbridge as often as you want free. Its a conservation organisation and photograpy is not a priority.