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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mega Alert !!

Britain's second ever Cape May Warbler on Unst,Shetland.


Richard G. Smith said...

From the east - fly across the sea until you hit an island - if you are coming from Siberia this will be Shetland . After a few days R&R turn south along coast until your way appears blocked - that is Norfolk. You may stop here for a few days. When ready turn WEST until you see an estuary. Take the left side (Under no circumstances should you take the right side - South Wales). Head all the way as far west as you can. Coming from the West you will hit a small island - turn south immediately and don't land until you hit the small islands off the pointy bit called Cornwall.

Richard G. Smith said...

They are doing well up there aren't they

Steve Hinton said...

Judd can`t be very happy!

Seymour said...

I'm on the first flight from Cardiff tomorrow.......