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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rhaslas Pond

Juv Long-billed Dowitcher still showing down to a few feet in poor weather this afternoon, plus 15+ Wigeon and several groups of Redwings dropping out of the sky. Twitched by train to Pontlottyn then bike to Rhaslas....how sustainable is that!

1 comment:

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Bravo Monsieur Bristow, you'll be pleased to hear that you've won our sustainable birder of the year award 2013. A pair of golden cycle clips and a part used tube of anusol (donated by an anonymous birder, merci beaucoup mon amie)is on its way to you as I write.

If you'd have cycled all the way you would have won this year's star prize, a lightly raced but still beautiful Bianci Nirone.

The day list record 'on a bike' for Cardiff stands at 77 species. A record easily within grasp....we did 75 by about 1pm a few New Years ago before the heavens opened and we went home in a soggy mess.