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Thursday, 19 December 2013


I went to Cosmeston to have a look for the ring necked duck,with no luck,there was however a good candidate for a real Barnacle goose.


Steve Hinton said...

If that's 'real' my name is Ronnie Biggs!!
I think you'll find its partial to a slice of Braces (thick sliced).
Brace the Barnacle Goose! Looking for his old mate Hovis the Whooper. Which no doubt will pass with flying colours!

Slaphead said...

Now look Ron,ok so it munched happily on a half loaf of Hovis and it reacted to being called Orville and it did a dance routine when it heard 'swan lake' and so what if Bernard Mathews was chasing it about shoting "get back in the pen,someone wants you on Xmas day" and it wore the same 'escaped' badge that the dodgy Gyr wore nearly 3 years ago to the day,but had it been found at whitford then its origin would never come into question.

MauriceC said...

Its probably from the free-flying flock at Slimbridge. They must have got to the stage of being tickable now. Can't blame it for being partial to crusty brown.

Richard G. Smith said...

It did not come to bread?
Tick it and have done with it - like the Aberthaw Ivory Gull that was clearly a vagrant from Whipsnade Zoo released by Wader when most of the Glamtickers were at Norfolk. OML!