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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Early start at R G W.

6 shorties were put up at first light this morning ,they flew out on to the marsh and that's where they stayed!


Jeff said...

Nicely done Rob,at least we know that there are several there,was told that there were five in the air at one time over last weekend,just a question of plenty of visits and being patient.

Steve Hinton said...

I heard the same but thought I would keep it quiet cause it will now be like Glastonbury!!!

Mitch said...

There was already 2 photographers in position!

Jeff said...

It's impossible to keep it quiet Steve,after the huge influx in winter 2011/12 every birder and togger knows that it's now the best place in S Wales to see SEOs.
What with all the blogs,sightings pages on websites,Facebook and Twitter nothing is private or kept quiet nowadays,even if news didn't get out birders/toggers who have had the birds there before would go there on spec with varying degrees of success.

Kent Yeti said...

Always a balance between sharing info and keeping quiet. But it's vital to me as I continue to write my book on SEOs. One reasonable day down there is all I need. Just to watch and take a few shots of them with the local environment in view.

But for my close ups of SEO I've found nowhere in the UK yet that beats my home patch at Capel Fleet on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent when we have them there. Which we don't at present! LOL!


Bryan, (aka KentYeti).