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Sunday, 23 February 2014

After the storms.

I walked the high tide line east of Gileston as far as the Leys searching for corpses. Most casualties were from Gileston where it took the winds head on. Sadly this is what I found.

1 Adult Porpoise which has only very recently come ashore.
1 young Seal pup.
1 Puffin.
1 Gannet.
1 Kittiwake.
11 Guillemots - no Razorbills.
Numerous Gull wings (predated).
3 Auk sp.


Paul Tabor said...

very sad to see steve

Phil B said...

Sad indeed, the Puffin particularly so, as this is a hugely rare bird in Glamorgan east of Gower. Last record I can recall goes back to late 1980's.

Seymour said...

Have you seen the number of Puffins being found dead along the Atlantic coast of France? You can only wonder at the number that succumbed to the weather we've had.

Seymour said...

Ps. The porpoise looks like it's been killed by a propellor or some form of trauma to the head. Good bait for another Ivory Gull though Steve!

Steve Hinton said...

I saw the Porpoise yesterday morning and it was unmarked more or less. Gulls, rats or fox maybe?

Steve Hinton said...

The Puffin was alive till the dog got it! I saw it breath once!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Seymour's right. Wader probably flushed it into the oncoming path of the Rainbow Warrior.