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Friday, 7 February 2014

Barry Docks

I arrived early afternoon and parked at Morrisons end ( west) and only the regular Ad Med Gull and Kingfisher. No sign of the Diver.
 I drove down to the other dock (East) and located it there! I stayed with it until the light went. I made a call at 3.19 and left. Driving along the west dock I saw Ceri Jones and his wife who were watching the Diver and had been for 20 minutes.
I left the diver midway down the east dock probably no more than 10 minutes! Very odd!
John Wilson apparently at 2.40 had been watching it near the entrance to the Graving dock which is the channel at the eastern end of the west dock.
If John has his time right there is without doubt 2 birds!
I will post photos later of the Diver and the l t Duck.


Seymour said...

I was watching the diver opposite the Premiere Inn at 2pm.

Steve Hinton said...

There are definately 2 birds there Judd. I looked on the docks for the L T Duck on Wednesday but never saw any.