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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Report of Long tailed Duck at Knap Boating Lake today, wasn't there yesterday when I checked the Gulls. Must have arrived today.


Mitch said...

Should have checked the ducks!

Steve Hinton said...

There were only a handfuls of Tufteds. The dock has its usual GC Grebes but no Divers yet. Some cold weather brings them in Usually. Also an ad Med Gull has been knocking about.

My first L T Duck was on the knap swimming pool a male which was probably about 1980!
One very cold winter I had all 3 Diver species in one day and more recently a Little Auk was a surprise.

Mitch said...

These winds have been very disappointing so far! I could do with a Little Auk it would be a Welsh tick for me!

Alex said...

I thought it wasn't a first for the Knap, seem to recall you telling me about the LT duck bobbing up on down on athe Knap swimming pool !! There have been a few things on there over the years. I've always fancied it for a Little Auk!

Alex said...

I remember being with MW at Sker Beach some years ago when this woman appeared with a cardboard box. She then proceeded to open it and produce a Little Auk. We watched it in the last of the light as it bobbed through the surf and out to sea. Beats straining the eyes down the Heliport !