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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Black Grouse

Three were feeding on the verge of the westbound carriageway between Cardiff Gate and Coryton this lunchtime (I was doing 70mph at the time and I've seen loads abroad) . Another was sadly dead on the hard shoulder having been struck by a minibus full of students returning from a fieldtrip to Never-never Land.

This is my third batch of "black game" in recent weeks (St George's and St Fagans have also been sporting these melanistic mutants). These strains must be all the rage amongst the local shooting estates this year.

Apart from that, the only real news of any note is the amazing discovery last week of a new breeding site for the endangered Cardiff Curlew (a full story and photos to follow shortly). 


Mitch said...

Somebody's bored!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

How, very dare you! This is important conservation news I'll have you know!

Richard G. Smith said...

Great News re the Cardiff Curlew

Slaphead said...

Don't mess with "y blaen rhyddhau y gylfinir caerdydd".

MauriceC said...

Has a different call from the nominate race- Caeerlew.