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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Larus ?

Driving past the Capital Business park, Wentloog this morning I noticed a few hundred gulls resting in the field opposite and stopped to give them a scan. One stood out immediately as an |Iceland type. It was probabl;y a late second winter bird, having a pale grey mantle, contrasting with the scapulars and forming a 'saddle'. The bill had a pale base and possibly also a pale tip beyond the dark distal band. At rest it showed the typical pale rear end but seemed to have some brownish -grey in the feathers though I am not sure about this.The bird  was on the small side in comparison with the accompanying Herring and LBB gulls.

I was stopped by the roadside with Hazard lights on partly holding up the traffic and with a juggernaut looming in the mirror decided it was time to move on.

Tried to scope from other side of road after but all gulls flew off and there was no sign around re-cycling building.

Suppose it could have been the Iceland Alex saw some time ago.

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