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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


The Bonaparte's gull was in the bay today, photographed by Mr. Burns on GBC,unfortunately it was identified as a little gull.

 No further news on the putative Franklin's gull at Ogmore first reported Monday despite searching. The Kumlien's was however seen again on the rivermouth only Monday, seen by 2 observers.


Alex said...

Yes, certainly looks like the Bonaparte"s Gull. Been waiting for it to put in appearance in the Bay. Now the weather is getting warmer and the insects are starting to appear, I guess as with previous years it will become more regular in the bay.

Alex said...

Slap, andy has pointed out some other shots which are clearly Little Gull. Looking more closely at that pic there does appear to be black on the tail ? Cautionary tale of how appearances can change between pics! But you can bet the Bonny's is there somewhere !

Phil B said...

Yep, first image looks superficially similar to Bonies, but tail band evident and hint of a darkish cap (?) consistent with the other images of 2cy Little Gull.