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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Biscay crossing 2014

   We are looking to book our annual jaunt to Northern Spain. The cost should be the same as last year at just £85.00. With any luck we will get across for the 1st week in September, poss 2nd from Portsmouth to Santander and returning to Plymouth on the 4th . The last few crossings have turned out to be fantastic for both birds and cetaceans with Little, great ,sooty, Balearic and Cory's shearwaters, Great, Pom and long tailed skuas, Sabines gulls and a host of other migrants (and last year included a first for science, a rumpy-backed swallow-start). Cetaceans have included, Fin, sperm, Long finned pilot, cuviers and humpback whales along with striped,common and bottle nosed dolphins,sunfish,various sharks and turtles.
   If you are interested please let us know asap:

 Nigel Addecott:  07814577593    or
Steve Hinton:       07990597779    or
 Nigel Fairney      07415684274

1 comment:

Slaphead said...

Sorry for not answering my phone, but I will return your calls later today, as soon as I can confirm the price is £85.