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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gilfach farm update!

A warning to all fellow toggers. Tripods have been banned from the courtyard and the feeding of live Meal worms also banned!


Slaphead said...

I noticed this on Kev Joynes stuff on birdguides earlier. It is a bit odd considering that it had been suggested that Raglan WT offer a day permit for toggers,yet they refused and then asked for donations for the up-keep of the site?... bizzare.Apparently there have been complaints from members of the public regarding tripods, in all the times we have been up there there have been very few members of the public and those we did see were very interested in what we were upto!

Richard G. Smith said...

Apparently in response to a request by the 'Save our mealworms' group of the Ceredigion Naturalist's Trust who are trying to ban birds from eating larvae and invertibrates in general as in doing so they encourage undesireables e.g. toggers who leave holes in the ground that they then have to meticulously fill in in order to maintain site integrity.
What is Gilfach Farm anyway