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Monday, 12 May 2014

Swift photo to go into britshbirds mag

Had some good news today, a picture of a swift i took is going into the british bird mag.
Dear Raymond

Last year you submitted the attached photo to the BB photo of the year competition. I’d like to use this image in the next issue of BB - we’ll pay our standard repro fee - could you tell me where and when it was taken, please?

Best wishes,

Roger Riddington
Roger Riddington
Editor, British Birds
Shetland ZE3 9JS


Mitch said...

I was only looking at this image of yours yesterday Ray! Well done and well deserved.

Camking said...

Thanks Mitch, much appreciated.

Steve Hinton said...

Well done Ray!

Seymour said...

Very good! Coincidently, I saw Roger this morning in the garden of the Sumburgh Hotel.

Jeff said...

Congratulations Ray,nice one !

Camking said...

Thanks guys!

tiger said...

Brilliant capture Raymond - sad end for the fly !