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Thursday, 10 July 2014

F F.

To all fellow Toggers visiting F Farm, take some food for the birdies you tight Gits it's proving expensive keeping the feeders going!


Steve Hinton said...

Great shots Rob, good light.
It's certainly not cheep, cheep!
I dread to think what it costs to keep the Vale Hide going over the course of the year! Especially when the Voles gt in!
New hide this weekend, the winter winds finished off the current one + it's too small.
First session in their for a while and it was electric!
Still Yellowhammers coming and a juv G s Woodpecker!

Mitch said...

That's good news Steve,i'm told they'll be improving the one at F F and concentrating on the Toggers ,there's even talk of a reflection pool.I'm really looking forward to the winter birds.I missed a juv Green Pecker on Monday,it landed on the main Woodpecker post for a millisecond.