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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sad news.

 We have received news this afternoon that Dave Glanville has sadly passed away.  He was an active birder in and around Cardiff in the 80's and 90's before moving to Pembrokeshire where he remained as active as ever. Dave was also one of the regulars who would be in The Gower on Tuesday evenings and often joined us on weekend jaunts to Norfolk, North Wales ,Portland and many other places.He was a jovial chap and was always up for a laugh and a pint. He will be sadly missed by many.Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.


Mitch said...

That is sad ! I can remember spending a weekend in Norfolk back in the 80s with him,he had us all in stitches throughout ! Great guy !

Steve Hinton said...

Well I never knew him that well, but on one occasion in the late 80s when we did the Cetacean trips on the Swansea - Cork ferry, we hit it off straight away. I remember getting absolutely wrecked on Bushmills Whiskey. We toasted anything for an excuse.
But one thing was obvious to me was his very friendly and easy going personality, the kind of personality everyone liked!
He was always a joy to bump into! A great guy!

Alex said...

I had forgotten about thoes mad cap nights on the Swansea Cork Ferry. Some great memories too from Norfolk trips in the eighties, never a boring moment when Dave was around. The Cardiff scene was much the poorer when Dave moved down west. Managed to catch up with him a few times over the years at various local twitches and he always took the time to ask about my old man although he had not seen him for many years. Very sad news indeed.

tiger said...

Absolutely shocked, used to journey with him, Maurice, Yan et al in the eighties, met him after a long absence at the Isabelline Wheatear on Gower & more recently maybe at the GS Cuckoo near near Tenby, a very likeable birder, very sad & will be sorely missed !

Richard G. Smith said...

Dave was an absolute star - I had him all day to myself once took a week to get over it - we twitched a Snowy Owl in Skegness after he had spent the night at my house.
The funniest though was when we went on a trip to Dumfries and Galloway on an expedition {dis}organised by Nigel Odin - He had this tail about a one eyed cock eyed salmon and insisted on telling everyone in the pub that we had come all the way from South Wales for the disco - no one slept as Dave kept going all night - He was just a joy to be with very sad!

Seymour said...

Gutted too and shocked although I know he'd had heart problems going back 20 years or more.
I recall that trip too Smudge and remembering him holding court with a group of lasses in a pub in Newton Stewart; he'd convinced them that he was a Presbyterian Minister who'd travelled up from Cardiff to watch his horse race at Ayr the following day! Priceless!!
The world's now a duller place without Dave sharing with us.

Dave A said...

Some lovely comments and memories from the South Wales birders. We were very fond of him down west, always a pleasure to bump into Dave when out and about somewhere in Pembs, also some great twitches with Dave over the years. Funeral details on the Pembs Blog (http://pembsbirds.blogspot.co.uk/) - if anyone would like to make a donation to a lasting memorial in Dave's memory, please drop me a line at david.astins@btopenworld.com. Thanks.