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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I was working in Sully today so I called in 3 times. Unfortunately there was no sign of the Caspian Gull only an adult Y l Gull.
Moving then to the Knap and finally the docks where a good candidate for Caspian or Y l Gull was present opposite Morrisons mid afternoon. It roosted for about an hour until I left, it never came close enough and only had bins.
Well done to the guys who found it, perseverance paid off.
Surprised at the lack of interest in this Welsh mega with just a handful of birders!


Alex said...

I would have had a look today but after 16 days in Ethiopia I am chained to my desk for the rest of the week. There must be a very good chance that it's roosting in the Bay but I won't be able to check the roost until Saturday. If anyone is free probably worth a shot from the end of the boardwalk anytime from around 45 minutes before dark. The only problem is that the gulls are still coming into roost even when it is dark!!

Seymour said...

I was there first light Steve but had a flight to catch at midday so had to scoot...

Richard G. Smith said...

I find it hard to get enthused about birds I cannot ID. Well done to those that found it though!

Paul Tabor said...

hate gulls too complicated esp imm/1st winters hat off to those who found it, but looks like just another gull too me