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Sunday, 14 December 2014


Just returned from a great 16 days in Ethiopia with PB, MCP and RA. Will load a few pics up over the next week or so. Here's a few for starters: Red-throated Wryneck, Lammergeier and Amur Falcon.


Steve Hinton said...


Phil B said...

Oooo, they'll do for starters. The Lammergeier was present with and adult, both seen at very close range dropping bones onto rocks next to the road. The Amur was 1 of flock of 20 or so we found on the Liben Plain, an unexpected surprise, even our guide was taken aback when we screamed out.... "STOP the car....F***ing Amur Falcon!"

Steve Hinton said...

Phil, Nick Bray was out there a week later than you and remarked on the numbers of Amurs out there!

Alex said...

Actually this Lammergeier was taken a little earlier it was one of the 2 birds at the Anokober Serin site. I was too busy with MCP watching African Stonechat to get any decent pics of the birds dropping bones !

Richard G. Smith said...

Looking forward to seeing more from Ethiopia.