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Saturday, 28 March 2015

From Nigel Fairney

Sad to hear the news that Steve Moon has passed away. Like many I owe him a great debt of gratitude for his support, advice and the countless job references he always happily wrote for me when I was trying to break into conservation. Steve's name on a reference opened many doors for me and many others. I went on to work for the BTO, Game Conservancy, National Trust and SNH to name a few; EVERYONE knew or had heard of Steve. He was that well respected in conservation across the country. I know I'm not alone in owing him many thanks for supporting fledgling careers in conservation and ecology.

I last saw him at the Bobolink when he wandered up and out of the blue gave me a hug! I didn't deserve it. Thanks Steve.


MauriceC said...

A very different scene when Steve first arrived in Glamorgan nearly 40 years ago. End of an era. Unfortunately don't think I will be able to attend the funeral due to my own Ill health.

Joek Roex said...

My first report of any bird in Glamorgan was to Steve. Hooded Crow at Monk Nash it was, and I reported it to him. Steve was CR at the time. I didn't have any proof and was glad Steve could relay to me others had seen the bird. Later I saw him after finding a Garganey (I think it was) at KNNR.

We just lost a great birder, and childhood friend of mine, here in Limburg this week, after a long illness. I learnt most of my birding from Jo. Great guy, sadly very troubled mind. (See Jo van der Coelen overleden; you might have to use a translation site to read it in English.)

Sorry to hear you're not well, Maurice.