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Friday, 19 June 2015

Heritage coast.

Found this little chap low down while out looking for driftwood this morning. Couldn't see any of its siblings though !


Steve Hinton said...

Glad to see someone is getting out n about!
Great shot Rob! Keep em coming.

Mitch said...

I can only do early mornings Steve,i'm usually birding between 5.00 am - 9.30. Rarely out during the day.Best time anyway. How's the Vale hide ?

Steve Hinton said...

I haven't any time. Work is killing me! Have more and more coming in. Maybe I'll have a day off soon and get out!

Ray King said...

Great find Mitch.

Jeff said...

Great shot Rob, very well done, glad somebody is keeping the blog going whilst the rest of us temporarily fall by the wayside for various reasons.