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Sunday, 21 June 2015

That's the only other image i have Phil.Not brilliant i know !


Phil B said...

Thanks Rob, that helps. As you may have heard the Cardiff Bay Lesser Scaup appeared at Llanishen Res for a few hours one day in early May, but it took me more than an hour of watching it to see enough to convince myself I wasn't looking at a hybrid. No luck for me in the bay yesterday.

Richard G. Smith said...

For pictures of the hybrid and the right bird at Cosmeston approach Andy Burns who has submitted both for the bird report for last year. The main differences being the bill nail - head shape/colour and mantle - this hybrid does not seem to have any Lesser Scaup in it?

Mitch said...

Phil ! the bird is usually found in the dock by the red bridge by the Dr Who exhibition .

Phil B said...

Thanks Rob...Doh!

John Wilson said...

It was in that dock [opp the Dr. Who front entrance] t'other day, and was attempting to get familiar with a fem Tufted Duck - cd produce future headaches if successful! it was with 5 drake Tufties and another fem.