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Friday, 17 July 2015


Common Tern,ad Med gull and 2 juv Med gulls were the highlights at the Wharf this morning. ps i got drenched, wrong forecast !


Alex said...

3 juv Med Gulls in the Bay last night & 2 ads.

Mitch said...

Have you checked the Heli Alex,i haven't been there for months,July usually produces good numbers.

Phil B said...

Did Heliport tonight, just one ad Med amongst c. 600 B-h Gulls on rising tide.

Alex said...

A lot less BH Gulls in Cardiff Bay yesterday evening. Yes, Heliport is usually a very good bet for Meds in July. May have a nose over the weekend.

Phil B said...

Juv Med at Peterstone Gout this morning, little else though.