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Sunday, 2 August 2015

R C Starling

well done Alun Hughes for finding the Starling.
Just 2 days before we were talking about the 1984 bird I found in Pembs.


DRWG said...

Indeed it seems very likely that the report by Alun in Porthcawl 25th to the finding at Aberavon 31st July would suggest that they are the same individual, although Alun did not state the age of the bird in his initial report. As you are aware this species is WRP and would require some notes for acceptance as it covers two different recording areas. Porthcawl is East Glamorgan and the bird now in Aberavon is West Glamorgan, the latter covered by photographs. Alun - please could send me or Mike Powell (WRP/GRC) your description notes. Many thanks Jake.

Alun Hughes said...

I called down today and had a good look at the bird drinking in the child's pool halfway down the main stretch, the bird to me, seemed the same plumage, not to bright a bit downy. I did tell people that it was a adult and a bit on the downy side last week .I will send a report for this and the Franklins gull at Ogmore, which turned up a week or two later.BUT AT THIS POINT I REALLY DON'T MIND PEOPLE CLAIMING IT FOR THEMSELVES, AS LONG AS I HAVE SEEN THE BIRDS, THAT'S ALL THAT'S IMPORTANTTO ME AND THE SAME WITH THE GULL, I DIDN'T EVEN GO DOWN THE GOWER FOR IT I WAS HAPPY WITH WHAT I SAW AT THE OGMORE AND I PUT THE NEWS OUT AT THE TIME. Relationships at the time of the gull were strained and I kept myself to my self.