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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Porthcawl Iron Point
Porthcawl fantastic day for sea watching best I have ever experienced! On arrival there was nobody there so thought I was in for a rubbish day that soon changed.  There must have been a big movement overnight and birds pushed up the channel. This is the list of birds passing through Porthcawl today, all birds seen going back down channel
5 Leachs storm petrels together  no more than 100 yards out
4 Shearwater 2 of which were Balearic
250 Guillemots this is a conservative count with many missed all going down channel none seen returning all the ones in mid channel 50 50 birds not counted but auks ,at one stage 10 at a time amazing passage of birds
1 very small auk spec
80 scoter
4 Divers spec 2 Red throated
1 Dark Brent goose
1 Shelduck
4 Great Crested Grebes
1 curlew
3 Kittiwakes
Skuas,these were seen far out not sure about these but 1 def Great  2 dark phase 1 light never good views, Arctic?
Just wished I got here at first light.

1 comment:

Steve Hinton said...

Amazing when winds were light northerlies!
Proof that even a day after the winds dropped birds of this number can pass down channel!!