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Monday, 18 January 2016

Welsh water get a 999 year lease on Llanishen res.


It seems the reservoirs will once again be pen for public access, thats 150 dog walkers every 5 minutes then.


MITCH said...

Ban Dogs !

Alex said...

Maybe Welsh Water will make it Permit only again so you can suppress all news.

DRWG said...

The overall state of the Res at present is one of a run-down abandoned reservoir. The banks need major maintinence work which may cost over million to put right - will WW pay up!? I cannot see the fence coming down anytime soon either. The sluices are shut at present, as there is a back-up of debris behind them. These need to be cleaned, which may mean opening the sluices and letting the water out! With no way of filling the Res except with rain water, it will take 7-10 years to reach the level it was at just before it was drained. The whole place is a mess and all because the the Nimby's wouldn't go along with a few houses and a nature reserve. What have we now - the wonderful 'Cardiff Politburo' aka the Labour CC says 40,000 new houses to built all over City including all around Hendre Lake to the Green Lane as well as the Wenallt. Just think, we maybe looking for hawfinches next to the new superstore!