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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Argentatus or hybid any comments?

Saw this Gull yesterday with a Herring Gull in front of Morrisons in Barry.
Having a few doubts as to whether it is argentatus or Lesser black backed x Herring.
Still only the beginning of Feb and it`s in summer plumage, would have expected a little more streaking around the head this time of year.
My immediate thoughts were Yellow legged except the legs are pink and head shape wrong.
It was the same size as a herring with slightly darker mantle. Photos lead you to believe that the mantle is exceptionally dark but it was certainly a shade darker.
It flew before I could get any flight shots to see the primaries.


Seymour said...

Steve, I saw this full Sunday. I mentioned it to Phil when I saw him later but he couldn't relocate it later on. For me, it's a hybrid LBb X Herring; it doesn't fit anything else but people who know more may have a different view?

Seymour said...

Steve, the gull in question for me is depicted in photos 2 & 3. The others are another bird - Herring Gull?

Phil B said...

Where are all the local laruphiles when you need them, hiding behind their sofas, perhaps! Good on you Judd for sticking your neck out. Agree, two individuals actually depicted here, the first and fourth images are Herring Gull in my view too. Bird in second and third rather tricky, either a flight shot or at least a wing-spread at rest would reveal a lot more of the wing-tip pattern than can be seen here. Certainly seems to be dark-mantled in the pics and Steve says it was so in the flesh, coupled with wing-tip pattern that could suggest argentatus, though no one of the more obvious 'northern' individuals, but on the other hand it also bears some resemblance to LB-b X Herring I had at Roath Park Lake few years ago. Aaagh!!! Some of these LWHGs are a nightmare to do on a couple of images, need to look at more closely, but for now, just not sure. Anyone else want to lend a hand?

Steve Hinton said...

Should have mentioned there are 2 birds also a BhG if you noticed that. The mantle shades differed considerably between the 2 birds that was for comparison.I had to rush the post at the time as I was summoned by the wife!
Maybe Sunday I'll get back and check it with bread.

Phil B said...

Leaning towards probable argentatus in my view the more I look at it.

tiger said...

I have only just looked at the blog after putting some pics of this bird on FB, seems to be the same bird in question ?