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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition.


We reached Hemis High Altitude National Park safely. Our bags were transported to camp by Ponies and mules, all undersized,but obviously very strong!
Going started off not too bad but the very slight incline slowly took it`s toll! Every 15 yds or so we needed to stop to catch breath.
Dave of Ladakh,was beginning to slow up, but he plodded on. About half way in we reached a camping area previously used for Snow Leopard trips, we rested.
The trek to the new camp much further on had  us all gasping for air, the climb became steeper and the path rockier!
Dave was now hanging back and out of sight with one of the guides, stopping more often. We painfully moved on... Alex and I were thinking whether he would make it!
Suddenly the cow bells became louder as the ponies were catching us up, we were all struggling when suddenly someone shouted  "it`s Dave"  a sight for sore eyes as he approached grinning from ear to ear!
stopped for a few photos and plodded on.

 No matter where you are, never forget your Welsh especially when Wales are to play France and St Davids Day.


Anonymous said...
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DRWG said...

Well done all. Terrific adventure. I'm impressed.

Slaphead said...

Dave of Ladakh is running in the 4.00 at Aintree next month, reliable sources have said Ladbrookes are offering 2000/1 on him actually making the starting line.