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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Birders Christmas Curry

Judd has suggested Tuesday 13th December, 19.30, as the date for our annual get together.
Proposed venue is the same as last year, The India Gate, Penlline Road, Whitchurch, CF14 2AA but this may change (watch this space).
Let us know if you are OK with this date or if not suggest another which we will of course ignore!


Slaphead said...

Tidy like.

Steve Hinton said...

What was wrong with the bay leaf in llandaff?

Mike Powell said...

Steve, don't shoot the messenger.
Seems everyone was happy with last year's venue so looks like a return visit. They gave each of us a nice calendar & I need one for 2017! You coming?

Steve Hinton said...

Maybe, I might be washing my hair that night!
I thought we all agreed the food wasn't up to standard!

Richard G. Smith said...

I don't care where it is - I will be there!

Mike Powell said...

Matthew Meehan has confirmed he will be there. As regards Cliquey Birders he wants to know why he cannot post himself on this site!!!! BTW who is Frank??

Steve Hinton said...

I'm in if Meehan is going!

Slaphead said...

Dogger, send me an email, nigel.addecott@sky.com

Mathew Meehan said...

Got it mate thanks. Great to be back