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Sunday, 5 February 2017

RF Bluetail

Anyone know who saw the bird at 12 50 reported to Birdguides " along the forest track" - long track !


Phil B said...

Cliff -the bird was seen briefly but well at 12.50 by Darryl Spittal. Just need to be prepared to put in shift to see it, though you might get lucky early doors.

Alex said...

The bird clearly likes to come out onto the path given the chance. Personally if I was looking for it again I would try at first light. There was quite a bit of Robin and Blackbird activity last Sunday on the path in the half light. The Bluetail but in 2 appearances on the path before 9 am. Once it buggers off into the trees it's pretty much impossible to find.

tiger said...

Thanks guys, i would have put money on it having moved on !

tiger said...

Nothing early doors today from 4 birders but DCP had very brief view of tail at 12 53, on the track 50 yds b4 the ventilation shaft,
just after arriving & when i had gone !

Mike Powell said...

Dave has always been lucky like that with rare birds. Anyone else see it?

tiger said...

Not then but has been seen a lot since, mainly around the twin plastic pipe area & where it was originally found !