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Monday, 29 May 2017

Jim Ellis

Sad News. Just to inform all Glamorgan birders who knew Jim Ellis that he passed away last night aged 91. Jim was well know to Cardiff birders as a regular in the Gower pub & on Cardiff Nats. trips. He was Cardiff's oldest birder. RIP.


MITCH said...

What a true gent he was too. I had many good trips out with Jim,always cracking jokes and seeing the funny side of everything. Several near misses in his beloved Lada's too. RIP Jim.

Slaphead said...

Absolute gent, fond memories of weekends away with him and more recently across Biscay. RIP.

Alex said...

I remember that Lada well, twitches for the Dorset Little Bustard on New Years Day and across the Bridge to Clevedon for Black-winged Pratincole. Also tales from the 1940s, Jim was at sea as a teenager in the Pacific around the end of the Second World War. He could remember lots of Albatrosses but not the species which used to annoy him! As most people know Jim took up birding pretty late in life, but once we got hooked he had more enthusiasm that people half his age! RIP

Richard G. Smith said...

Jim was always a pleasure to be with - fantastic sense of humour and always ready to have a laugh and a joke. He loved all the characters that the birding / twitching fraternity seemed to throw up. He loved Scilly and along with Maurice (RIP) and John Ball and Stefan (RIP) we had many a day trudging around those famous Islands. I must admit I was too scared to go in the Lada. Wherever I went Jim was there - the Ken Lloyd (RIP) trips in the coaches with Cardiff Nats etc. Jim started twitching and listing on one of these where he ticked off his first species GREATER SANDPLOVER!!! No2 was COOT. His camping was legendary and he earned the nick-name 'Jimmy Canvas' if my memory serves me well it was Dave Glanville (RIP) who gave him that name in Cley. Jim was central to all these memories what a great guy he was.

Phil B said...

It's all been said above, Jim was a great fellow and decent birder too, who amassed well over 400 ticks in Britain and many more abroad and he didn't start birding until he was made redundant from East Moors steel plant in Cardiff in his mid-50s. His ticking-off of Greater Sand Plover before Coot on his very first birding trip to Chew is legendary! "By The Stars".

Lewi said...

Jim "By the Stars "Ellis. Great sense of humour. Had some great twitches with him notably Spectacled Warbler '92 and Great Snipe'93 Filey Briggs, Red-breasted Nuthatch'89 Holkham and when we bumped into the Pacific Swift at Cley'93 at Spring Bank Holiday. There were a lot of "by the stars!" when he saw that.