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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A short session this morning.


Meehan said...

KF 1 - 3/10

KF 2 - 4/10 *this is ok

Grebe - 0/10

Gash mate, the lot of them*. You need to get out more. ;0)

Jeff said...

Nice Steve,looks like you had more luck in a couple of hours than we did all day yesterday !!

Steve Hinton said...

Condensation is a problem !

Anonymous said...

Stop getting so excited then

tiger said...

I see the water is getting nearer to your chin !

Richard G. Smith said...

Steve you were in the wrong place yesterday all right.
Forest Farm hovering in front of the hide - cannot imagine the shot YOU would have got!

Steve Hinton said...

Nah! I was in the right place! Haven't seen anything I would keep from there except Ray King !!

Mitch said...

Nicely lit steve! brill!