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Sunday, 11 November 2012

I really should get out more!


Randal M Snowdrop said...

At last, someone with imagination and talent.

If you combine the total IQ scores of the occupants of 'Hinton's Hide'* plus those at Forest Farm. Then, multiply this score by their combined 'sheep factor'**. You end up with a score of zero***.

* The Wank Pit
** X Factor
*** for comparison purposes, your average cloven hoofed animal typically score 12.9

Anonymous said...

That's a ten out of ten shot. Most phots on here have a yawn factor of ten , get out and photograph some interesting birds.
Look at the numbers of Ouzels that moved through, yet the big boy Toggers couldn't be arsed or didn't have the field craft to record this passage,waxwings will be well covered when they arrive because you wont have to get off your arse to capture them.

MauriceC said...

Is that a very big bird or very small apples ?

Slaphead said...

hey Mike, I would have loved a session with ring ouzels,but I have a hindrance, otherwise known as 'A JOB'.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to stop you most of the time Slap

Steve Hinton said...

Brilliant shot Mick- it got got everything!

Meehan said...

Small apples - giant blackbird

Richard G. Smith said...

There are no berries where I am - the berries score 10 for rarity value.
I saw a berry tree yesterday but its location is as secret as a Ring Ouzel flock!

Anonymous said...

Smudger re Ousels read the post, take in the names mentioned and directions then grab a map of the area and its sorted, it really is that easy.
Its called fieldcraft, I'll give you a tip they generally aren't found next to hides or rivers and I 've never found any on a Polar Bears back