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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Annual Awards

In this extraordinary year - can we give some thought to the photographic awards?

A prize for the best NON kingfisher perhaps - a bit easy that one!
A prize for the worst Kingfisher
A prize for the person who posted most Kingfisher pics etc etc.


Steve Hinton said...

Or the unluckiest kingfisher togger!

Richard G. Smith said...

Is there one Hmm maybe?

Jeff said...

I am after today's pathetic effort officially the unluckiest kingfisher "togger".
Thank's to Steve for his hospitality but unfortunately being a temperamental female the bird did not perform.
She showed after 40 and 45mins but only briefly then after another hour but only briefly again.
We then waited 4 hours without a sniff and gave up,Steve went home to watch the rugby and Wales were abysmal,I went down to Gileston to try for Black Redstart,didn't find any and got f.....g soaked in a downpour walking back,have had better days !!

Road Runner said...

...nevermind Jeff, you can always go back to Brecon and photograph those Polar Bears!