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Saturday, 10 November 2012

someone say Waxwing ?


Richard G. Smith said...

Jeez Tiger don't start that off please - it will be bad enough when they do arrive!

Steve Hinton said...

I think that from now on (for what it`s worth) I`m gonna give marks out of 10 for the photo`s on here.
If you haven`t got the kit expect a low mark !!
I find it hard to say " Great shot" when it isn`t.
A 10 /10 being not too hard to get so a 1 / 10 is a shocker !!

Steve Hinton said...

Waxwing 3/10

tiger said...

how about an extra make for the wind blowing its feathers ?

tiger said...

PS error...point/mark (not make) !

pedro said...

They are on their way! 200+ in Llandudno today.

MauriceC said...

There was a Cedar Waxwing in Ireland so bear that in mind.

Richard G. Smith said...

Take a mark off for the 'bum' being in shadow. But put it back on again for an outrageous headress.
On second thoughts - scrap the idea!