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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Need some advice.
I have an introductory Canon Eos, with two lenses, the longest is Canon 75-300mm.
I need to upgrade.
I've been told to upgrade lens before body, is that correct?
If so, there are a lot of different lens makers, Canon, Sigma etc, which should I be looking at.
I'm looking to spend between, about £800 and £1000 , any ideas on best lens for my money ?


Slaphead said...



or if you are lucky you could get this at good price:


Mick Lobb said...

Check out Emilpix on Flickr. All bird shots in last two years or so with Sigma 150-500mm. Doubt you would get anything else new that is comparable for the price you quote! If you are serious about bird photography though it might be worth going into hock for a 500mm Canon or risking the used market for less.
Anyone got a good Nikon 500mm f4 going spare by any chance? =8)

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Or alternatively, go down to the hide at Forest Farm with a sawn-off shot gun, wearing a balaclava and carrying a bag with the words SWAG written on it.

Whatever you don't need you could flog on ebay afterwards.

Richard G. Smith said...

It would be the Sigma 150-500 for me it has the advantages of portability and range of focal length in addition to a price tag around £600 'New! on eBay.

GlynJ said...

Thanks for your replies, looks like the sigma 150-500mm or the sigma 50-500mm.
Planning on taking it seriously as I can, budget allowing. I have taken some time to get used to DSLR by using intro model with kit lenses, but have realised quite quickly that they are not good enough, also looking at Canon D7 body to get some time next year, then saving over a longer period for better model

Slaphead said...

look Glyn, only snappers use Canon,if you want to take photography seriously sell the Canon and by a better quality camera with a real name on it...you can with a Nikon.
I would'nt waste my hard earned toot on a toy camera mate,get a Nikon.Even Smudger told me only yesterday that "this Canon camera is total shite compared to your far superior Nikon Slap" and I must say I tend to agree.

Jeff said...

Don't listen to Slap,even Andy Rouse is coming back to Canon after fiddling with Nikon for a few years !
I started with the Sigma 150-500mm OS zoom three years ago and it is amazing value for money and far cheaper than the Sigma 50-500mm.
I've since upgraded to the Canon f4 500mm IS prime but still wouldn't part with the Sigma as it is so versatile and a great travelling/holiday lens,stopped down to f7.1/8.0 in good light it is very sharp for the price.
If you can afford it go for the Canon 7D,at 8 frames/sec and with the 1.6x crop factor it's a superb wildlife lens and next only to the 1 series for wildlife.
Get a battery pack as well which balances the camera and gives you 2x battery life.
Hope this helps.

Slaphead said...

Andy (I love me,who do you love?)grotty-grouse will return to Canon because they are offering the tw@ more toot....simples.

GlynJ said...

Lots of good advice, thanks again