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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


following Graham Powells (on GBC) sightings, I too had what I believe to be 40 or so waxwings flying south following the Taff,they looked to be heading towards Pugh's garden centre/Radyr direction.No calls were noted.Just a heads up.


Richard G. Smith said...

Strange I thought I may have had 4/5 in the distance at / near J34 M4.

tiger said...

just had 40 Starlings descend on our garden feeders

tiger said...

looking at Waxwing photos on Birdguides is getting boring & we have nt even got them here yet !!

Steve Hinton said...

Sod the Waxwings! more Kingfishers!!

Richard G. Smith said...

I almost hope they don't arrive - whats wrong with wishing for Pine Grosbeaks?
I had a hatfull of Waxings in Canada the other week and hundreds of Snow Buntings too!

tiger said...

you must have been waxing lyrical Smudge