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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

For Sale

Following a bit of spring cleaning I have a number of items for sale which may be of interest to some. The above wing mirror would fit a silver Astra very nicely and at only £20 ono, a bargain. I also have a pristine 1942 £5 bank note which myself and Slapster managed to steal from Cliff's wallet two weeks ago.

There are a few minor scorch marks from the acetylene torch we used to prise open said wallet but apart from that it's in perfect nick. Offer of around a tenner will secure.


Richard G. Smith said...

The Fiver is a forgery - Cliff would never carry a note of high denomination for fear that after 70 years the print would disappear!
Cliff is a strictly cash man - after all he does have the largest hoard of Victorian pennies - all in mint condition given to him on his 21st Birthday.

tiger said...

Seems all you reprobates have been reading the other channel ?? shame on you all !