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Monday, 4 March 2013

Has Cliff won the lottery?

A little birdie tells me you have a new lens!
Is this true and what have you acquired?


Jeff said...

My sources informed me it's the new Mk 2 Canon f4 600mm IS,a snip at just under £10,500 plus a full blown Wimberley and a Gitzo set of legs,he's also got enough left over out of his lottery win to pay somebody to carry it around as well !!

Phil B said...

Yeh, but you try getting a pint out him in the Taffs Well Inn on a Tuesday night!

Slaphead said...

Cliff,don't listen to the piss takers mate. If you have copped the jackpot let me know and I will give you my 50p and we can go halves.

Randal M Snowdrop said...

A pint? A coffee would be a start.

Richard G. Smith said...

About time too Cliff I wish you every success with it - cannot wait to see first results - when yer ready!

tiger said...

wots all this shite about me havin a new lens, dont get better than the Canon L lens I already have ! also to win the lottery is wishful thinkin - dream on guys !!