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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Biscay 2013.

We are in the process of booking this years trip, a bit late admitted, but we were messed about by the dude we used the last 3 years for our tickets.

 We need to know ASAP who is definitely up for it. The dates are going to be Sept 3rd to 5th from Portsmouth and return Plymouth. The price is £99.00 which would include a coach from Plymouth back to Portsmouth,if you do not want to use the coach you can deduct £15.00 (although I think the general consensus of opinion is we use the train like previous trips).

 Please either post here or ring me on 07814577593, Steve on 07790597779 or Randal on 07415684274. Ideally we will need to know by Friday at the latest.


Slaphead said...

The frying Dutchman has sent me a text to say he is going.

Steve Hinton said...

If you choose to take the coach from Plymouth to Portsmouth you can take your car to Portsmouth and park (expensive). The journey from Portsmouth takes about 4 + hours, so the train probably best option.

Slaphead said...

Those confirmed as of Thurs PM,if you do intend to join us please let us know by 16:00 today (Friday).