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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Phone Apps

Just wondering if anyone has managed to find any decent bird related Phone Apps. I use the RBA app on my phone and I assume Bird Guides have something similar. One I purchased some time ago was the Sibley North American Field Guide. I would definately recommend it. Basically the full guide on your phone, with you in the field all the time, for those trips to the West of Ireland in October. Easy to use and comes with the added bonus of calls and songs for every species. Only around £14 (no, I am not on commission !). Well worth the investment. There doesn't appear to be an App yet for Collins Guide. I am sure they would sell a shed load if it was pitched at a similar price, so they seem to be missing a trick there.

Sibley E-Guide

 If you are into counting stuff and don't want to carry around a metal/plastic click counter then "Google" Tally Counter App, which basically is a handy electronic version of the same thing for Iphone or Android (free).

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Meehan said...

Apparently BTO's 'birdtrack' app is very good for input & networking data; however, apart from Sib I am not aware of another guide. I agree with you, an app that treats the WP just like Collins would be popular - I am sure that there is a team out there working on it. BG's news app for android is quite good and free! But doesn't support my window's phone :-(