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Monday, 29 July 2013

Chasing your tail...or your crest as it happens

Walking the dog has its compensations. None more than the pleasure of exploring the  Cardiff Beech Wood SAC in the progress. In late April this year I heard a Firecrest in song Nothing more came of the record until I heard another/ same bird in song in early June and again later that month. A few brief glimpses of a 'crest' species followed over the last two months until an adult was watched with young this afternoon with 2 (probably 3) fledged young. This is the fifth time I've recorded the species at this site over the last 12 years (none in the previous three years - weather related?); and there are historic records for the area. The only previous time I've heard/ seen Firecrest during this period was in Bute Park. Do we have a breeding population that's going un recorded?


Mitch said...

Brilliant record Nige! Lets hope they become regular! On a different note,do you come across any seasoned logs suitable for carving?

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Rob, I've got about 15 cubic metres of seasoned hardwood logs in the garden (moisture content 9-10%). Come and take your pick. Mostly ash, some oak and birch. I've also got some 1m diameter sections of beech if you'd prefer something larger.

There's also a large oak to cut up and a huge beech crown if you want something cut to size. I'm also sure Cliff has some silver birch he can let you have!

Call me on 07415 684274 and arrange a time to come round and browse.

tiger said...

Dont know where this is coming from - think someone is "pulling my chain", again & again !!

Randal M Snowdrop said...


Alex said...

Great breeding record