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Monday, 29 July 2013

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Still not seen Caspian Gull in Britain. Waiting for a local one as have been too lazy to chase after more distant ones.

Having trouble putting on comments at present . It says comment has been saved but it does not.


Alex said...

Only seen the one in the uk. It seems as though the Welsh border is like a brick wall! Regular sightings in Worcs & Cheshire. A few records from Ireland too so it must only be a matter of time before a well photographed bird gets nailed somewhere. Don't worry Maurice, I believe there is at least one 500+ lister locally who has yet to Go and see Caspo Gull. I think he's waiting for one at Roath Park Lake!

Seymour said...

Are you referring to Portly Alex?

Alex said...

Indeed, must be something in the name Caspian and low listing ;-)

Seymour said...

Yes and when you consider I dipped the '88 Caspian Plover on the Scillies then your theory starts to add up!