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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Heliport to WTW (and Back)

A wryneck was at the tip along the middle ride (the one above the coastal path).

I've put a wooden stake in the ground where the bird was first seen, flushing up from the base of the slope into a buddleja before disappearing into a stand of sea buckthorn above the ride; before returning (errrr, being gently encouraged) back into to the buddleja). I then lost the bird as it dropped back down into the lower ride and I didn't seen it again before I left (about 40 minutes later). Alex was still there when I left.

Apart from that, the only other grounded birds on the tip were a single meadow pipit and a skylark. Swallows were streaming through constantly as were smaller numbers of meadow pipits. Two juvenile peregrines were picking off the migrants, working in pairs to take first a meadow pipit and then a swallow; plucking them on the wing.

A nice stand of shaggy inkcap on the top ride had the words 'wild mushroom risotto written all over it, but in the end I left them to search for the wryneck.

A single wheatear was on the slag heap.Thirty-six canada geese at the heliport bay was a site tick for me (might even be a site tick for everyone????).

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