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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Birds of 1989-90

Two amazing years of birding which holds some wonderful memories.
I thought the Harlequin Duck at Wick was 1990 but that was 1991. Then I realized what incredible years 1989 -90 was!
Just to remind some of you of the delights from those years.


Golden winged Warbler
Naumann`s Thrush
Blue cheeked Bee-eater
Red breasted Nuthatch
Double crested Cormorant
Baillon`s Crake
Dark eyed Junco
Black Headed Bunting. Marloes.
Whistling Swan
Ring necked Duck on the Gower. Yours truly.
Long billed Dowitcher. Rumney Est. Phil Bristow.


Ancient Murrelet
Tree Swallow
Yellow throated Vireo
Alpine Accentor
Northern Oriole
Swainson`s Thrush
Grey cheeked Thrush
Sardinian Warbler
Alpine Swift. Cardiff. Phil Bristow.
.....and probably a few more.


Alex said...

1990 was crap. I saw all those apart from Phil's Alpine Swift. Ps you missed off Black-billed Cuckoo and Pallas Sandgrouse ;-)

Steve Hinton said...

There are a few more I'm sure.
I should have seen the sandgrouse, and I remember that Cuckoo day well!

Phil B said...

Yeh, 1989, what a year! Golde-winged Warbler, yet to be even equalled for the biggest crowd at a twitch, and won't forget the Naumann's in a hurry either, especially as we almost witnessed a brawl between a London milkman and member of the Rarities Committee!

Seymour said...

A fab couple of years although foreign trips meant I missed the sandgrouse and Tree Swallow - ones for the future.....

Steve Hinton said...

I recall you getting the Alpine Acc back though.
I was away at a wedding in Holland and it exploded! Ended up chasing everywhere when I got back.

Seymour said...

Yeah and B H Bunting (but not in Wales). I remember ringing Birdline when we arrived back from Kenya and asking Maurice if he knew what an Ancient Murrelet looked like! Thankfully that lingered longer than the Tree Swallow on Scilly.

Mitch said...

Dipped on the Nuthatch,that one really hurt !