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Thursday, 8 January 2015

R G W.

3 S E Owls flushed together by the regular dog walker,he's here every F**king morning, he walks along the bank down to Jakes hide rests for a few minutes then walks back along the rocks,he's a pain.


Steve Hinton said...

They`re getting better!

Ray King said...

That bloke is a pain, I don't know if he's just bludy minded or just a bit dim at least you got some great shots.

Steve Hinton said...

Perhaps he was trying to count them! I've seen that done before!

Mitch said...

He's totally oblivious to them Steve,i've spoken to him and he doesn't know what i'm talking about. I don't think he's seen one yet!

Jeff said...

Nice shots Rob, glad to see there's a few "Shorties" about locally.

Mitch said...

I've yet to see them hunt during the day though Jeff.